Welcome to Carnage Haunted House

Immerse yourself in highly-detailed sets that create a fully realistic horror experience.

Rated as one of the Top 5 Haunted Attractions in Ohio in 2022
Rated #5 in the country in 2019

Featuring Two Terrifying Haunted Houses

You dare to enter? There is a tale of an ancient voodoo priestess that plagued the swamp full of cursed creatures lurking in the dark to steal your soul.

As you travel into an abandoned hospital, wrecked with CARNAGE and darkness, you begin to see the dark entity as it spreads through the building and those that occupy it.

Free Parking

Indoor Waiting

ADA Accessible

17 and under must be accompanied by 21+ Adult with valid ID

Friends of Carnage

carnage haunted house is proud to sponsor haunters against hate and support our lgbtq+ community gay friendly haunted house