The Bayou

In 1803 there was a priestess by the name of Angelique Savoy. She lived deep in the Louisiana bayou alone in a small shack to isolate herself from the common folk. Word traveled to nearby towns where she was practicing voodoo. At the time, IF caught practicing Voodoo, all priests and priestesses were imprisoned and/or killed. 

One night, a mob of townspeople traveled deep into the bayou in search of Angelique. As she tried to escape, they captured the Priestess to take her back to the town to be hanged. As she was ripped from her bayou home, she placed a curse upon the land demanding that anyone on it or in it would become part of the land and lose their mind. 

To this day, many have entered Angelique’s swamp never to be seen again. Few survivors tell nightmarish tales of their encounters while being in the swamp.  Some have claimed to see a giant monster covered in fur, some encountered a backwoods family and barely escaped, while others have claimed to see humanoid creatures that lurk in the darkness of the swap. 

If you dare travel into the Priestess’s Bayou, know that you may not make it out alive. If the swamp doesn’t consume you, the cursed creatures of Priestess Savoy may. 

Do you have what it takes to survive the curse of THE BAYOU. 

The Entity

One day, ignoring all possible danger, Dr. Isabelle Lacroix wandered into the Savoy swamp looking for unlimited fortune from the voodoo Priestess. The priestess offered her a small charm to be worn at all times but warned the doctor that with extreme greed came a heavy price. The doctor did not heed the warning and took the charm.

As time went on, the doctor was wallowing in wealth but became darker and angrier towards everyone in town. The darkness of the charm slowly seeped into her, turning her soul solid black. One day, in a rage of anger, the doctor wished darkness on everyone within the hospital.

Suddenly, worm-like creatures made of hair started spilling out of the doctor as she floated in mid air. Black ooze started pouring out of the walls engulfing the patients and staff. The local sheriff's department was called and sent two deputies to investigate but they were never seen again.

To this day, the hospital has been closed off to the public as the Entity, as some describe it, is waiting to gain more power to seek revenge on the priestess in the swamp.

As you travel into the abandoned hospital, wrecked with CARNAGE and darkness, you begin to see the dark entity as it spreads through the building and those that occupy it....

showing the blackness of their inner souls. Will you make it out alive or become part of The Entity?

Free Parking

Indoor Waiting

ADA Accessible

17 and under must be accompanied by 21+ Adult with valid ID